By Josie  April 13th, 2023

Mini labradoodle

This popular mixed breed is nothing short of adorable.  

Although, they might be pricey - they're worth their weight in gold.

Breeding Purpose 

The Poodle provides the low-shedding coat, while the Labrador Retriever brings an even temperament.

The Mini Labradoodle was originally bred to provide a hypoallergenic companion pet.

The Mini Labradoodle is a small breed, typically weighing 15 to 30 pounds.

They stand around 12 to 16 inches at the shoulder.

The Mini Labradoodle is a super duper friendly breed that usually gets along well with children and other animals.



However, their stubbornness can sometimes make training more difficult than it needs to be.

Labradoodles are an extremely intelligent breed, which makes them easy to train.

Training Tips For Labradoodles

1. Use positive reinforcement  2. Start socialization early 3. Provide mental and physical stimulation


Mini Labradoodles come in black, chocolate, cream, apricot, red, and even silver or grayish tones.

Their coats can be either curly or wavy depending on the parent breeds' lineage.

They should be brushed outdoors at least once a week to remove dead hair and promote healthy growth.

Grooming Requirements

Dry kibble is preferable as wet food can easily lead to overfeeding, which can be unhealthy in the long run.

Treats should only constitute 10% of their daily food intake.


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