By Josie  October 8th, 2023

Montana Woman Plays Dead When Charged by Bison

Playing dead saves this Montana woman from her actual death – yet another close call with a bison.

In the serene yet wild terrains of Yellowstone National Park, a Montana woman’s leisurely visit turned into a heart-pounding encounter.

Despite clear guidelines, visitors often venture too close to these wild beings.

This woman’s close encounter is a stark reminder of the consequences of such proximity.

A bison, a magnificent yet potentially dangerous animal, charged at her. Panic ensued, and a life-or-death sprint began.

Life or Death Sprint

The woman’s escape was cut short as she tripped, but it was her subsequent actions that saved her life.

Montana Woman Plays Dead

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As the bison neared, the woman lay motionless, “playing dead.” This instinctive defense mechanism, ingrained in the local’s knowledge, proved effective.

The bison, confused and unthreatened, circled her motionless body before retreating, exemplifying that sometimes, stillness can indeed be a savior.

Bison, like all wild animals, respond to perceived threats with aggression.

From the Bison's Perspective

Their peaceful existence is often interrupted by overenthusiastic visitors, leading to unnecessary and avoidable conflicts.

All of the park’s inhabitants deserve respect and space, ensuring safety for both humans and animals.

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Swipe up to watch the video!