Moose on                   the Loose

BY LINNEA  24 MAY 2023

Recently, a peculiar incident unfolded in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.

A young calf was separated from its mother by a daunting highway divider.

As onlookers observed, the desperate mother repeatedly leaped over the barrier, attempting to coax her baby to follow suit.

Yet, despite her valiant efforts, the little calf remained obstinate, refusing to budge.

The calf appeared no older than a week

The situation seemed helpless until a kind Samaritan intervened....

Stepping out of his car, he approached the bewildered calf with an uncertain strategy.

Perhaps he intended to lift the calf over the divider, but before he could execute his plan, the protective mother became furious,

Luckily for us..  Rodney Pierre, a truck driver, captured the scene on camera.

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