Most Massive Gorilla Ever

Do you want to see the KIng of The Jungle? The Most Massive Gorilla Ever Found?

His name was Phil

The biggest Gorilla ever found in captivity was even larger than the one found in Cameroon. It was a western lowland Gorilla named Phil.

St. Louis Zoo

. It weighed 860 pounds and was held in in the Zoo in St. Louis. It was born in 1940 and died in 1958.

860 pounds Giant

He was almost twice the weight of its relatives. Something that can only happen in captivity.

600 pounds in the Wild

– The heaviest and largest Gorilla ever recorded in the wild was a 6ft (1.83m), with a weight of 589 lb (267 kg) massive silverback. It was hunted and shot in the town of Ambam in Cameroon.

One of The Most Endangered

Poaching, habitat destruction, and disease threaten these incredible animals every day.

How many Gorillas are Left?

In the year of 2010, there were only 480 gorillas left in the world. Luckily the population increased to 604 when 124 newborns arrived in 2019.

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