New Pelican Chicks Take Flight in Basel After 20 Years

BY LINNEA  11 MAY 2023

I’m thrilled to share the news that three incredible white pelican chicks have hatched at Basel Zoo.

Marking the first brood in almost two decades!

I mean, look at this cutie! It is a miracle!

This is genuinely a slight sensation and a testament to the dedication and care provided by the zoo staff.

Now, let's get to know the pelican a little better!

Pelican chicks are born without any plumage..

it’s incredible to think that they will develop their fluffy down feathers in just a few days or weeks.

As devoted parents, the male and female pelicans take turns incubating the eggs

and feeding the chicks pre-digested fish porridge.

This is an exciting time for wildlife enthusiasts and the Basel community alike.

Let’s celebrate the arrival of these new pelican chicks and look forward to watching them grow and take their first flights in the weeks to come!

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