By Josie  October 9th, 2023

New York City Rat Hitchhikes Upstate For Three Hours

This New York City rat hitchhikes upstate – maybe it was getting tired of the hectic city life?

Known for their adaptability, NYC rats are no strangers to the urban jungle.

They navigate the subway lines, explore towering buildings, and survive in one of the world’s busiest cities.

Adaptability of NYC Rats

It had traded the concrete jungle for open roads, and skyscrapers for towering trees: the city rat was on its way to becoming a country rat.

Leaving the Concrete Jungle

A Brooklyn documentary filmmaker, was three hours into his drive to an upstate wedding when he noticed an uninvited guest.

New Your City Rat Hitchhikes

A city rat had emerged from the hood of his car, its tiny eyes wide with curiosity.

An Uninvited Guest

A report noted a 70% increase in rat sightings over two years.

An Alarming Increase

Mayor Eric Adams even dubbed rats “public enemy number one,” highlighting the city’s ongoing battle with these resilient rodents.

In response to the rat crisis, Kathleen Corradi became NYC’s first director of rodent mitigation, or “rat czar.”

She is tasked with the “wholesale slaughter” of these disease-ridden rodents, representing the city’s intensified efforts to control the rat population.

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Swipe up to watch the video!