New York City’s Newest Frog

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Amid the concrete jungle of New York City, nature has a way of surprising us.

Biologists have unveiled a remarkable discovery—a new species of leopard frog quietly residing in the city that never sleeps.

This frog, named Rana kauffeldi, marks only the second new frog species  found in the continental United States in the past three decades.

Led by Rutgers University ecologist Jeremy Feinberg and a team of  dedicated scientists, the discovery of Rana kauffeldi, the new leopard  frog species, was a groundbreaking moment.

The initial unveiling of this newfound amphibian was made in a journal called “Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.”

In their research, scientists focused primarily on the genetic  distinctions of this previously unidentified frog, initially classified  as a southern leopard frog.

While its skin displays subtle but unique spots, its most defining characteristic is the distinct mating call of the males.

Unlike the pulsing and snore-like calls of other leopard frog species in  the region, R. kauffeldi’s call is described as a “single-note unpulsed  chuck.”

Rana kauffeldi predominantly thrives in open-canopied coastal marshes and bottomland floodplains near river mouths.

It’s an incredibly elusive species due to its brief breeding period, which coincides with the chorus of spring peepers.

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