By Josie  April 20th, 2024

Newborn Baby Hippo Saved From Hungry Crocodiles

A hippo birth is a rare sight, and it’s even rarer to see a baby hippo almost get snatched by sneaky crocodiles.

Hippos are nocturnal and almost always give birth at night, so even at Zoos, they have to set up special night vision cameras to keep a check on expecting hippo mamas.

Why Is Seeing a Hippo Birth So Rare?

Also, they usually give birth underwater to hide their precious babies from predators.

We see the incredible moment the baby hippo is born, but we also see two sneaky crocs lurking around the corner.

New Born Hippo Saved From Crocs

Thankfully, the mama hippo is on guard and fiercely protects her baby – just like any mother would.

At birth, a baby hippo already weighs 50 to 110 pounds and measures about 50 inches in length.

How Small Is a Baby Hippo

While this is undoubtedly large compared to human babies, it’s quite tiny to an adult hippo which weighs up to 4,000 pounds.

Hippos are equipped with massive jaws and teeth capable of defending against most threats.

Crocodiles, aware of the hippo’s strength, typically do not target adult hippos but know that they can stand a chance when they’re babies.

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