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Orca Attacks Whale Shark

Watch as orca attacks whale shark and rips out the shark’s liver. This unfiltered and fascinating moment was captured on camera by divers in the Gulf of California.

Orcas are advanced creatures with complex social structures, and the footage enhances our understanding of them

The Orca

Watch this rare footage of Orca taking down a whale shark...

The footage reveals an orca targeting a whale shark, a creature not typically on the killer whale’s menu due to its massive size.

The video captures the orca’s strategic approach to hunting. Watch as the orca carefully selects where to attack...

This footage is likely a first of its kind. What as this incredible moment takes place...

First of a kind

This behaviour is not new to orcas. They have been documented performing similar feats on great whites,

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Orca Attacks Whale Shark and Steals Its Liver