Orca Behaviour Shows Grandma Knows Best

Learn more about this matrilineal society and how they pass on knowledge.

Beneath the glistening waves of our oceans, a fascinating story unfolds

one that revolves around the extraordinary lives of killer whales or orcas.

Among these majestic marine beings, a remarkable trend emerges.

Female orcas live significantly longer than their male counterparts.

Some females reaching the impressive age of 90.

This reveals the crucial role of grandmothers in guiding and nurturing younger members of their pod.

In killer whales, the contrast in lifespans between females and males is striking.

While male orcas rarely live beyond 40 years

their female counterparts thrive well into their 60s, and in exceptional cases, even beyond 90 years old.

This longevity discrepancy sparks curiosity and questions the underlying factors influencing their survival rates.

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