Orca vs. Great White Shark

Orca and the great white shark are two of the most fearsome fishes in the ocean, but have you ever wondered which fish is more dangerous, the orca or the great white shark?

Here we will dig deep into the characteristics of the two fishes and compare them in every aspect.

Famously known as killer whales, Orcas are the most giant dolphins and one of the most impressive hunters in the world. They’re promptly unmistakable by their remarkably high contrasting shades.

Size – Orca

Orca males grow to an average size of 19-22 feet, whereas females grow to an average length of 16-19 feet.

Size – Great White Shark

On average male great whites grow to a size of 11 to 13 feet, whereas female sharks grow to a length of 15-16 feet on average.

Weight – Orca

Male orcas weigh between 8000 to 12000 pounds on average, while females weigh between 3000 and 6000 pounds.

Weight – Great White Shark

In contrast, the male great white shark weighs anywhere between 1150-1700 pounds, and the female great whites weigh around 1500 to 2450 pounds.

Life span

The typical life expectancy of a great white shark is 40 – 70 years old; this is a significant distinction from what the researchers’ thought initially.

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