Otters Intriguing Onlookers With Their Strange Behavior In Santa Cruz

Imagine a serene Sunday by the riverside when you suddenly witness an extraordinary sight

two otters engaging in strange behavior

This event will leave you both fascinated and bewildered.

Otters, known for their playful and sociable nature, often exhibit  intriguing social bonds and mating rituals that are as captivating as  they are complex.

Otter mating is a fascinating spectacle that involves intricate rituals and behaviors.

Unlike humans, otters are not bound by long-term relationships.

They engage in a promiscuous mating system, meaning they mate with multiple partners.

When two otters decide it’s time to mate, their interaction begins with a playful dance in the water.

This dance serves as a crucial prelude to mating.

During this dance, otters exhibit acrobatic moves and twirls, which may  involve synchronized swimming, chasing, and playful biting.

This captivating display strengthens their social bonds and helps assess each other’s fitness and readiness to mate.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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