By Josie October 17th, 2023

Overprotective Raccoon Gets Nervous When His Brother Takes a Dip

This adorable duo consist of two raccoons – one an avid water-lover and the other a seemingly overprotective brother.

Contrary to popular belief, raccoons are adept swimmers.

An Unexpected Skill of Raccoons

They have a natural ability to navigate waters, their strong limbs granting them agility and speed.

Urban Population of Raccoons

Adaptability and intelligence mark their survival as they navigate urban landscapes with ease.

They are nocturnal, their nightly escapades often bringing them into close contact with human habitats.

Two raccoons, also known as trash pandas, have broken into a house – probably because of the tempting swimming pool in the garden.

The Incident

The pool-loving raccoon can’t be stopped though – he has his own pool party until the overprotective raccoon puts his paw down and pulls him out from what he thinks is a deathtrap.

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Raccoons are typically solitary creatures.

While they can occasionally be spotted in groups raccoons typically value their independence.

A Special Bond

Bearing their usual solitary nature in mind makes this adorable duo even more heartwarming.

Their contrasting personalities painting a picture of an unusual yet heartwarming friendship that defies the norm of their solitary existence.

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