Party Drugs Are Driving Rhinos Into Extinction

Discover how the demand for party drugs is inadvertently pushing rhinos to the brink of extinction.

Explore the controversial dehorning technique, innovative protective  measures, and the human dedication crucial to saving these majestic  creatures in a complex battle against poaching.

Rhinos are large mammals with thick skin covered by tough hair layers.  They have two horns on their heads which can be used to defend or as tools to dig up food during drought.

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The alarming rise of party drug demand has inadvertently driven one of  the world’s most iconic and endangered creatures, the rhino, closer to  extinction.

As conservationists grapple with poaching threats, they implement innovative measures to protect these majestic animals.

In the battle against rhino poaching, conservationists resort to a controversial tactic known as “dehorning.”

Teams of experts, often utilizing helicopters, dart rhinos to approach them safely.

Rhinos are found across parts of Africa and Asia,  in grasslands, rain forests, swamps, rocky areas, wetlands, and  mountain regions. They prefer thick vegetation to  hide from potential predators.


Using a method akin to trimming fingernails, a chainsaw is employed to remove the horn’s tip, a painless process.

Like human nails or hair, the horn will regrow over time.

The driving force behind the poaching crisis is the demand for rhino  horn, particularly in regions like China and Southeast Asia, where it’s  used as a party drug and an aphrodisiac.

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