By Josie  March 21st, 2023





Let's compare them:

At first it might seem strange to compare such contrasting animals – mammals and birds parted ways 365 million years ago already.

But maybe that's what makes a comparison fascinating?

Pelicans have white plumage with darker grayish-brown wings.

Appearance of the Pelican

They have long, stout bills which can hold up to two gallons of water and a throat pouch.

Males grow antlers annually, used for defense against predators and competing with other males during the mating season.

Appearance of the Deer

Their fur is usually reddish-brown and has white spots on their backs and sides.

Pelicans feed mainly on fish they catch by skimming across the surface of lakes or oceans.

Diet of the Pelican

Some pelicans also eat amphibians, crustaceans, reptiles, worms, insects, and even smaller birds.

They may also supplement their diets with fallen fruit or tree bark during winter.

Most species of deer are herbivores that feed mainly on grasses, leaves, berries, nuts, and other foliage.

Diet of the Deer

Pelicans inhabit coastal areas all around the world.

Habitat of the Pelican

Deer are present in various habitats, from forests and meadows to deserts and mountainous regions

Habitat of the Deer

They flock together during migration or other activities such as fishing or roosting at night.

Behavior of the Pelican

Within the flock, there is usually a hierarchy based on age and sex.

Deer live in herds composed of several closely related individuals under the leadership of a dominant male known as a stag or buck.

Behavior of the Deer

Abilities of the Pelican

They have long, stout bills which can hold up to two gallons of water and a throat pouch that they can use to catch and store fish until they reach the gullet.

They are very talented jumpers, able to clear obstacles up to 8 feet high and 15 feet wide.

Abilities of the Deer