‘Pest’ Animal Species On The Pill Instead Of Culling

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The Story

Ethical substitutes for the extermination of widespread animals like wild boars, deer, and grey squirrels are currently in the works

The Story

Clashes between human activities and wildlife are provoking increasing instances of disease outbreaks, road collisions, and agricultural harm

The Story

Unless we develop compassionate strategies to manage animal populations soon, scientists caution that this predicament will likely worsen

Used to be achieved by shooting them


But hunting is not as popular as it used to be and is also more expensive, requiring expensive licenses

In both the United States and Europe, researchers have initiated endeavors with the goal of creating contraceptive compounds

Integrating these compounds into food sources could significantly impact the reduction of wild boar fertility


The Procedure

The Contreceptive

The positive aspect is that once a viable solution is achieved, there is a feasible method for its distribution

The Boar Contraceptive System

Utilizing metal cones positioned atop food containers that only wild pigs can access using their snouts

The approach ensures exclusive access by boars while preventing other creatures from reaching the feed


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