Peterbald Cat

Are you looking for a unique and independent pet? One that requires only minimal grooming and has high energy?

This breed originated in Russia in the 1990s, by when a Russian breeder named Olga S. Mironova.

She crossed a hairless Donskoy cat with an Oriental Shorthair. The result was a unique-looking cat with a hair-losing gene and an elegant, long body.


Physically, the Peterbald cat looks like a skinnier version of its  Sphynx ancestor with an elegant body type, sensitive ears, and wrinkled  skin on its forehead.


Since this breed often displays an outgoing attitude towards people and  other cats, proper socialization at an early age is critical to ensuring  harmony and contentment between them and your family members.



Peterbald cats can have various coat types, from entirely hairless to having a short, fine coat.

Known for their affectionate and friendly personalities, these cats love attention and are very people-oriented.


They are similar to dogs regarding their loyalty and devotion to their  owners and are playful and active cats that love to jump, run, and play.


They are also brilliant and curious, always exploring their surroundings and interacting with their environment.


Regarding exercise, Peterbald should be given several toys like scratching posts, balls, and feathers designed for cats.


The best option for your cat’s diet is wet food, which has higher moisture levels than dry food.


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