Pit Bull Insists Grandma Hugs Him

Taz’s special bond with his grandmother is undeniable

He gets jealous when she does anything with bones, and it’s almost as if he’s saying, “That’s my human!”

Taz’s jealousy highlights his strong desire to be close to those he loves, even if it means competing for their attention

He insists on hugs, kisses, and pets before anyone else can take the spotlight

Dogs’ emotions are complex and can often mirror human emotions, such as  jealousy and possessiveness, especially when it comes to their favorite  humans.

When Taz’s family welcomed a new baby, Ethan, into their lives, it was an adjustment for everyone, including the dogs

While Taz initially seemed unsure and a bit standoffish

Bones embraced  his role as a protective older brother, lying next to the baby and  keeping watch

Taz, on the other hand, was determined to maintain his status as the baby of the family and was not too thrilled about being dethroned.

Dogs often exhibit curiosity and protectiveness when a new baby arrives in the family, just like Bones did with baby Ethan.

The heartwarming interactions between Taz, Bones, and baby Ethan show  that dogs, especially pit bulls, have an incredible capacity for love  and affection.

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