Places to See Polar Bears

Polar bears represent  importance to the Inuit people of Northern Alaska, Canada and Greenland, and taught the Inuit community the art in succeeding at seal hunting.

Many of these attributes have been called upon by Inuit shaman (angakkuit) who believe they can harness the spirit and power of the polar bear.

Polar bears can be located across five Arctic countries; The United States (Alaska), Canada (Churchill), Russia, Greenland and Norway  (Svalbard).

Canada( Churchill)

A spring Polar Bear and Iceberg safari which allows you the opportunity to explore the great beauty of the Arctic wilderness.

Norway ( Svalbard)

One of the Northernmost areas to witness world wonders of glaciers, and of course the Polar Bears that grace the breathtaking setting.


This is the best place in Alaska to see Polar Bears, and it is usually done on a cruise tour, where a safe and responsible distance is kept between visitors and the Polar Bear in its habitat.

Encountering The Polar Bear: what to expect/ pack

It may be a good idea to pack waterproof and thermal clothing that can keep you warm during the subzero temperature lows.

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