Porcupine Defends Against Bobcat

Will the porcupine succeed?

Have you ever seen an animal stand its ground against a much larger predator before?

It doesn’t happen very often, but animals occasionally fight back.

The drama unfolds as the hungry bobcat faces off against the prickly porcupine.

It occurred in the woodlands of Northern Arizona, where the bobcat’s hunting instincts led him toward the porcupine.

The bobcat stalked the porcupine, intent on the hunt.

However, the porcupine was not intimidated by the larger predator and stood its ground, ready to defend itself.

The porcupine has a unique way of defending itself against the bigger predator.

With sharp quills covering its body, it looked like an easy meal for the bobcat.

However, when the bobcat attacked, the porcupine turned its back to the predator, exposing its quills.

Evidently, these quills are around 3.8 centimeters long and can inflict serious pain if they penetrate the skin of an attacker.

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