Rallying Together to Save the Endangered Knysna Seahorses

Cayla de Souza

The Western Cape experienced unprecedented floods, putting the endangered Knysna seahorses at risk.

Knysna seahorses are unique to South Africa and are among the world’s most at-risk seahorse species.

The local community, conservationists, and visitors rallied together to save the seahorses.

Heavy rains caused the Keurbooms and Bitou Rivers to overflow, sweeping the seahorses away from their safe habitats.

People from all walks of life in the Western Cape united to save the stranded seahorses.

The Knysna seahorse is considered a national treasure, residing exclusively in three estuaries in the Southern Cape.

The survival of the Knysna seahorse is directly linked to the health of the estuaries, which are impacted by climate change.

The rescue mission showcased the powerful impact of collective action and community spirit. The event serves as a reminder of the challenges that climate change and environmental degradation pose to wildlife.


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