Michael Nastio Found

Rare 6-inch Megalodon Shark Tooth Found

This fossil hunter was in for a surprise of his lifetime. After almost 10 years of fossil hunting and diving he finds this...

The diver was just about to finish his dive when he noticed something in the distance...

The luck

What shark does this tooth belong to?

This discovery sent waves of excitement through the world of paleontology. This was a holy grail find. The megalodon went extinct 2.7 million years ago. 

Experts estimate that for every inch of tooth the shark is ten feet. According to that calculation, how big was the shark?

The Megalodon, or Meg for short, was the biggest shark to ever live. No one has found a complete fossilized skeleton but we do have lots of teeth. 

The Megalodon

The Megalodon and the great white shark are thought to be close relatives. The Meg is almost three times larger than the great white. 

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Rare 6-inch Megalodon Tooth Found in Florida. What do fossils tell us?