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Whale Dies  After Boat  Strike

In a heartbreaking incident, a rare Bryde’s whale was found dead off the coast of Hong Kong, suspected to have fallen victim to a boat strike.

The whale, believed to be the same one that drew crowds of whale watchers a few weeks prior, was discovered with fresh wounds near its dorsal fin.

The Whale

The public speculates it was caused by...

Whale-watching, while an exciting activity for nature enthusiasts, can pose significant threats to the marine giants.

Imagine busy highways crisscrossing the ocean, with ships and whales trying to navigate the same space.

While the death of the Bryde’s whale is a tragic reminder of the threats marine life faces, it also serves as a powerful call to action.

Call to Action

Tips to Participate in Safe and Ethical Whale Watching:  Maintain a Safe Distance: Always keep a safe distance from the whales. This not only ensures your safety but also prevents any potential stress or harm to the whales Find more at the end of the article....

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Rare Whale Dies After Potential Whale-Watching Boat Strike