Record-Breaking Ant Colony Found

BY LINNEA  10 MAY 2023

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In 2002, researchers from the University of Tokyo discovered the largest ant colony ever recorded.

The Colony was estimated to cover incredible...

 370 acres

The colony of yellow crazy ants was estimated to contain over  1 million queens and an astounding  306 million worker ants.

Now, which species would be capable of creating such a network?

Yellow Crazy Ants

Non less than the..

Yellow crazy ants are an invasive species known for their aggressive behavior and ability to displace other ant species.

They are also known for their unique way of moving, which involves moving erratically and rapidly, hence the name “crazy” ants.

Furthermore, yellow crazy ants can also impact human activities, such as agriculture and recreation

As their aggressive behaviour can disrupt the natural balance of ecosystems and cause economic damage.

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