By Josie  November 27th, 2023

Rescuers Perform CPR on Trapped Elephant

This story shows one of the many problems that can arise from Thailand’s persistent monsoon rain.

During the rescue mission of an elephant baby, the mother elephant becomes unconscious and the rescuers swiftly need to perform CPR on this huge animal.

Stuck Between a Rock and a Muddy Place

The dramatic rescue operation unfolded when a young elephant calf slipped into a drainage hole made slippery by the monsoon rains.

The mother elephant perfectly illustrates the strong family bonds that characterize these deeply empathic beings.

In order to gain access to save her calf, they decided that they needed to tranquilize the mother. However, in doing so, the mother also falls into the drain and knocks her head, and becomes unconscious.

The Rescue Mission

Using a truck-mounted boom lift, they extracted her from the drain and administered CPR to resuscitate her.

The footage shows the heartbreaking scene of the baby elephant, still stuck in the drain, calling out for its mom.

A Cry For Help

This cry for help demonstrates the complex language of elephant communication.

Elephants use a variety of sounds, including trumpets, roars, and rumblings, to express emotions and convey messages across long distances.

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Swipe up for the video!