By Josie

April 5th, 2023

The Zebu is a type of cattle that is highly resilient and adaptable.

Let's get acquainted with this powerhouse of a cow.

Zebu is an iconic cattle breed that originated in South-West Asia. Nowadays be found throughout Asia and various regions of Africa.

Iconic Features of Zebus

Zebus are a species of cattle known for their long and often curved horns.

Another iconic feature is the fatty hump on their shoulders.

Zebus are known for having a docile and hardworking temperament

This makes them ideal for use in agricultural activities.


Zebus are also known for being tolerant of diseases and parasites.


They can survive in extreme weather conditions because they can conserve energy efficiently.

The humps on their backs contain fat deposits that help them survive times of drought.


The Zebus can live up to 20 years if well cared for.

It makes them an even more valuable economic and social asset.

They produce a high-quality beef with a unique flavor compared to other types of meat.

The heart is typically leaner and more flavorful than other types.

Meat Production

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These tough cows can survive almost anything!