By Josie  October27th, 2023

Scientists Reveal that Naked Mole Rat Queens Communicate with Her Feces

Although Naked Mole Rats are a bit of an eyesore (although, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, after all) these rodents are surprisingly fascinating.

Each colony of naked mole rats is a complex society with a single queen, a few breeding males, and numerous workers.

In the colony, only the queen reproduces, giving birth to dozens of pups each year. While she is the primary breeder, she doesn’t care for her offspring alone.

Unconventional Communication

Due to the constraints of living underground, the queen has adopted a unique way to pass directives: through her feces.

Worker rats ingest the queen’s feces, which contains hormonal messages, especially when she’s about to give birth.

This fecal communication informs the workers of incoming babies, making them more attentive to the pups.

How It Works

Also, colonies of these creatures have distinct dialects in their vocalizations, which play a crucial role in distinguishing members of their own group from outsiders.

Colony Communication

Intriguingly, the dialect of each colony is significantly influenced by its queen.

When a colony’s leadership changes, the dialect undergoes shifts, emphasizing the queen’s pivotal role in shaping communication.

Very much like humans, these animals seem to adopt the “queen’s English.

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