Seal Attacks Child at Clifton Beach

In a surprising turn of events, holidaymakers and residents of Cape Town were left astounded when a seemingly harmless seal attacked swimmers

These swimmers were including a child and a woman, at Clifton’s Fourth Beach.

The incident was caught on video and rapidly spread across social media, leaving people both shocked and intrigued.

The video footage of the seal attack reveals a seemingly playful seal in  the water, followed by an abrupt attack on a child, sending bystanders  into a frenzy.

This incident is even more perplexing because the seal involved was a seal pup.

It didn’t stop with the child; the seal continued to attack another person, leaving everyone on edge.

However, one woman remained in the water despite the commotion, oblivious to the impending danger.

We turned to Brett Glasby, the Two Oceans Aquarium Marine Wildlife  Program Coordinator, to shed light on these bizarre seal attacks.

According to Mr. Glasby, such aggressive behavior from seals, especially young ones, is far from normal.

Typically, seals are docile creatures; when threatened by human presence, they tend to retreat into the water.

However, recent attacks can be attributed to long-term effects stemming  from a red tide algae-related issue that affected seals in the Cape  Peninsula.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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