Serengeti Cat

If you’re looking for a unique cat breed that’s beautiful, independent,  and extremely intelligent, then the Serengeti Cat is sure to impress.

Known for its outgoing personality and beautiful Bengal-style markings,  the Serengeti Cat offers pet owners an exceptional pet-owning  experience!

Unlike other species, the Serengeti Cat has a combination of features and characteristics in its African wildcat ancestor and the Bengal domestic cat, making this breed genuinely unique.


As if all this wasn’t enough to make them stand out from other breeds,  these cats come in multiple attractive colors, such as chocolate brown,  silver blue, and black!


These cats are incredibly active and curious, which often translates into more interactive playtime.



They are not just highly trainable but can recognize their names when  called upon, follow instructions, and quickly learn new tricks.

Because the Serengeti Cat is known for its independence, they don’t  require as much attention as other breeds, yet it still enjoys spending  time with its human companions.


Serengeti Cats form strong bonds with their owners making them ideal pets for those looking for loyal companionship.


The Serengeti Cat was developed in the early 1990s.

In the recent past

Serengeti Cats are hybrid of the Bengal cat and Oriental Shorthair cat breeds.


This breed tends to be quite vocal compared to other cats.


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