Shark Attacks in California

California has many different species of sharks, more than other areas along the west coast. Whether you are surfing, boating, or engaging in another water sport—you should always be on the lookout for sharks. Here's a list of some common species that live off the coast of California:

Great White Shark

A great white shark can grow to a length of more than 20 feet and is estimated to weigh at least 2 tons. The great white shark may cover a large ocean region in its lifespan and is constantly on the move.


School shark is often found off the Pacific coast of the California area and is known for migrating towards kelp beds. The school shark is not a threat to humans. They tend to flee quickly when they fear one is nearby.

Sevengill Shark

This kind of shark is well known for traveling towards kelp beds, and you can frequently spot them off the Californian coast of the Pacific Ocean. They are supposed to be relatively slim and typically reach about 5-7 feet in length.

More About Great White Sharks

Great White Sharks are vast-sized, cold-blooded predatory fish. They can grow to a maximum length of 26 feet. However, most only reach 13 to 14 feet.

How Many Sharks Are There in California?

Shark populations in California are difficult to estimate. First, it is challenging to count them accurately because they reside in the water.

However, current research seems to support the notion that white populations are growing again. For instance, many individuals have spotted more than 300 young great whites in the coastal waters of northern California.