Siamese Cat

If you’re looking for a feline with some mystery and intrigue, you should look toward the Siamese cat breed.

In ancient times, Siamese cats were the apple of the Thai royals’ eyes, with their luxurious lifestyle and divine status. Kept in temples, where they were pampered and worshipped.

Sacred Siamese

People were spellbound by their striking blue eyes, elegant physique,  and distinctive color points. It was like they were from another planet!

Journey to the West

In 1884, the King of Siam (now Thailand) gifted a pair of Siamese cats to the British Consul-General in Bangkok.

World History

They were named “Pho and Mia,” and they hold the record for the first Siamese cats ever to set foot in England.

New Beginnings

Their bright blue eyes are like two sapphires staring back at you.

The Eyes

The size of their ear plays a pivotal role in helping them hear almost everything that’s going on around them.

The Ears

They feature long, slender tails almost as long as their bodies.

The Tail

Their faces are distinctively triangular and they look like they are always wearing a mask.

The Face

They have been described as the gymnasts of the cat world because of their lean and muscular bodies.

The Body

The Coat

These cats have got short and glossy coats.

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