By Josie  July 25th, 2023

Silverback Gorilla Intervenes In a Fight Between Troop Members

This footage shows how a silverback gorilla intervenes in a fight, illustrating how his  roles entail more than just protecting the troop from outside enemies.

The Footage

The scene unfolds at a Zoo in Taiwan, where the silverback gorilla, D’jeeco, intervenes in a fight between two of his mates.

The silverback’s intervention is not just about strength, but also about a deep understanding of the social fabric of their troop.

What It Illustrates

Gorillas live in troops with complex social dynamics, highlighting their remarkable similarities with human social structures.

The Silver Back

At the apex of the gorilla troop’s hierarchy is the dominant male, he makes decisions about where the troop travels, feeds, and sleeps.

The Caretakers

Adult females, usually numbering a few in a troop, are primarily responsible for the care and socialization of the young.

The Blackbacks

Younger adult males, Blackbacks, sit below the Silverback in the hierarchy are males who have matured from adolescence.

The Juveniles

At the base of the hierarchy are the juveniles. Their primary role is to learn and develop through play and exploration.

Look for the distinctive swath of silver hair across their back and hips, which gives them their name. This develops around the age of 12.

How to Identify a Silverback

Silverbacks are the largest gorillas in the troop, often weighing between 300 to 400 pounds and standing up to 5.6 feet tall.

Yes, they are estimated to be about four to nine times stronger than an average human male.

Are Silverbacks Stronger Than a Man?

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