By Josie  October 5th, 2023

St.Bernard Called Daisy Rescued From England’s Tallest Mountain

St.Bernards are notoriously known for having rescued humans many times over the course of history in this story, though, roles are reversed.

Bred by monks in the St. Bernard Pass, these dogs have braved heavy snowstorms to rescue people trapped in the Alps.

A Historic Legacy

According to estimations, their legacy boasts of saving approximately 2,000 people over two centuries!

On a seemingly ordinary day, Daisy, weighing 121 pounds, was descending from Scafell Pike with her owners.

An Unexpected Dilemma

However, she began showing signs of pain in her rear legs and refused to continue her descent.

A Serious Situation

The situation was dire, as Daisy’s weight and size made it impossible for her owners to carry her down.

A Big Dog

The Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team, consisting of 16 dedicated members, took on the challenging task of saving Daisy.

The Rescue

With determination and a few treats for Daisy, they managed to safely bring her down using a stretcher.

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It’s ironic that a breed known for its rescue prowess found itself in need of help.

The story highlights the compassion and dedication of rescue teams who go above and beyond to save lives, be it human or animal.

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Swipe up to watch the video!