Stolen Alligator Raised by Texas Women for 20 Years Returned

Over two decades ago, an alligator egg mysteriously disappeared.

Little did the zookeepers know that this tiny egg would hatch and grow into an 8-foot alligator.

The owner, a former volunteer at the zoo, confessed to having stolen the egg and raising the alligator as her beloved pet for over 20 years.

While the story of Tewa might sound fascinating, it brings to light the crucial message: “Alligators don’t make good pets, y’all.”

There are strict requirements to obtain permits, and the woman, unfortunately, did not meet them.

Reptiles like alligators are found in over 120 counties in Texas.

Did you know alligators use a range of vocalizations, from growls to bellowing roars, to communicate with each other?

The bond between Tewa and her owner is undoubtedly unique.

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