The 4 Best Places to See Alpacas

You can start with a visit to the South American Andean regions that are home to the beautiful, quirky and whimsical alpacas who offer delight to anyone in their presence.

The uniqueness of the Alpaca fiber/ yarn led to an emergence of the Alpaca popularity on the forefront of yarn production in the 1900s.

We’ve found the best 4 countries and tour operators to visit alpacas in South America.

#1 Peru

Peru is home to 90% of the world’s Alpaca population and therefore is our number one place to visit to encounter alpaca in their place of origin.

#2 Western Bolivia

Alpacas are bred in Bolivia for their fibers more than anything because their fiber has become so valuable.

#3 Ecuador

Ecuador might be smaller than other South American Countries but its a destination worth exploring with its idyllic beaches, mountainous trails, indigenous markets and and cultural heritage!

#4 Northern Chile

Chile attracts many tourists in search of cultural richness and breathtaking natural beauty. Offering up exquisite hiking trails and world wonders to witness.

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