The Animals in Vermont

Vermont is a small state is known for its dairy farms, large rural scenery and rolling hills. Vermont boasts 4 million acres of forest area which is found to be more than 75% of the overall state.

Vermont is also home to hundreds of bird species and many migratory birds. Vermont has a lot of forest mammals like bobcats, muskrats, foxes, raccoons and black bears.

For spotting moose one must visit wetlands and the bogs area in autumn time which their mating season. This list will only highlight a few of the animals in Vermont.

Long Tailed Weasel

They turn white in colour in some part of Vermont especially in the north parts. Long tailed weasel which are found in southwest part have white colour face mark.

Milk Snake

This snake is a mysterious and fascinating reptile, mimicking the appearance of extremely dangerous snakes to prevent predators.

Eastern Chipmunk

They have prominent eyes and ears, a hairy tail, and delicate nails. All work only during the day, and all but one is in North America, from southern Canada to west-central Mexico.

American Red Squirrel

They are red in colour with white belly which helps in easy recognising from other species of squirrel.

Great Blue Heron

They are very tall in length, their neck is very long and having black colour strips which are wide in length around the eyes.

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