The Best Places to See Cheetahs

If you have been dreaming of encountering wild cheetahs in their natural habitat, then look no further than our Complete Guide to Encounter Wild Cheetahs.

Have a look at our story to meet this enigmatic feline and find out more about where you can find them in the wild!

The best places to see cheetahs would be on a wildlife Safari in Africa. We’ve put together the top places where you can see cheetahs in their natural habitat.

South Africa

While the cheetah is the least common cat in the park, the current population is around 200, making your chances of seeing them decent.


Botswana has many reserves, parks and open plains where you can find cheetahs in their natural habitat.


The park is home to the Mara Cheetah Project, which regularly tracks the movements of local cheetahs.


During migration times, cheetahs prowl the area, looking for a meal among the thousands of animals who trek through the park.


Kafue National Park in Zambia is excellent for cheetah sightings. As Zambia's oldest and largest park, you can bet there will be plenty of cheetahs and other wildlife to see!

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