The Best Places to See the Big 5

Our newest story combines the best safaris where you can view the Big 5 in their wild, natural habitat (as well as all the other amazing animals that share the area with them).

While every person coming to Africa on safari has their sights set on the Big 5 – Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Lion, Rhino, and Leopard – Africa has much more than just those majestic five animals to see. 

Best Safaris to see The Big 5

While the continent has a plethora of non-safari related activities, let’s not beat around the African bush – it’s the animals you’re coming to see!

South Africa

Kruger National Park is South Africa’s flagship game park and one of the most famous nature reserves in the world.


The reserve offers some of the best game-viewing on the continent and you’ll encounter elephant, buffalo, hippo, crocodile and giraffe on almost every game drive.


It is the only place on earth where mankind and wild animals coexist in harmony.


Zimbabwe is often overlooked as a safari destination, but it is unrivalled in its combination of authentic accommodation, friendly guides and uncrowded national parks.


The country boasts Africa’s largest elephant herds, massive numbers of buffalo and lion and healthy populations of leopard.

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