The Driest Cities In The United States

Rain is a characteristic loved by many and linked to intense emotions. If you’ve seen Hollywood romcoms, you would definitely be aware of the part rain plays in symbolizing love and romance.

Unfortunately, the sad truth of some states in the US is that they fail to enjoy the wonders of rainfall just because nature chose the climate differently for them.

The mountains, acting as barriers, obstruct the humid sea breezes that contribute to moisture in the environment. Keep reading with us to learn about the driest cities in the United States. 

Yuma – Arizona

The city is situated in the southwestern part of Arizona near the Gila and Colorado rivers and is well known for its extremely dry climatic conditions.

Imperial – California

It has long summers of scorching heat and scanty water reserves due to a considerably low measure of annual rainfall, approximately equal to 3 inches or less.

Las Vegas – Nevada

When talking about the topography, Vegas has rugged terrain surrounded by hills that contribute to the dry climate of the area.

Bakersfield – California

The city is popular for its hot desert climate due to the long spells of dry and sweltering summers and mild to cold winters.

Phoenix – Arizona

The city is the most sun-exposed region in the United States, accounting for its close resemblance to the hot desert climate.

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