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It's easy to overlook the impressive talents that the animal kingdom possess.

In many ways us humans are the most evolved species currently inhabiting our planet. 

Keep reading to uncover the world's fastest animals:

When you read about these lightning-fast animals, bear in mind that on average, humans can jog at 7 mph and sprint 20 mph.

The peregrine falcon is well renowned for its plunging speed during flight, which can reach more than 186 mph.

This fast flight is made possible by its sleek body, powerful muscles, and swept-back wing form.

They can also reach speeds of 40-60 mph in level flight, with motion created solely by wingbeats.

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1. Peregrine Falcon

This mighty eagle is the largest bird of prey in North America and Mexico’s national bird.

They are exceedingly fast, capable of diving at speeds of more than 150 mph on their prey.

The birds are typically 50% larger than bald eagles, with wingspans exceeding 7 feet.

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2. Golden Eagle

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3. Cheetah

The cheetah’s unique adaptation for speed allows it to achieve speeds of more than 70 mph in less than three seconds.

Their stride is 23 feet long at full speed.

The claws work similarly to the cleats on a track shoe, gripping the ground for traction and speed when sprinting.

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4. Swordfish

They're a large, highly migratory predatory fish whose bill can exceed five feet in length.

Not many people know that they're the fastest fish on planet earth.

Scientists have now found part of the mechanism that allows swordfish to reach speeds of up to 60 mph.

The ostrich is the world’s largest and heaviest bird, standing 8 feet tall and measures 320 pounds in weight.

They can sprint up to 43 mph and maintain a constant speed of  31 mph.

It is thanks to only having two claws on each foot that allows them to run at this speed.

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5. Ostrich

This makes them the quickest mammal on two legs because of this.

Pronghorns are North America’s fastest terrestrial mammal.

Their typical running speed is 40 mph, although they can go up to 60 mph over lengthy distances.

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6. Pronghorn

While its slower than the cheetah, can maintain its speed for considerably longer, making it the world’s second-fastest land animal.

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7. Springbok

A springbok can reach speeds of 55 mph.

A springbok will occasionally leap into the air with its back arched and its legs clasped together.

They can jump straight up more than 10 feet.

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8. Lion

The lion ranks second among the fastest land animals in Africa, with a top speed of 50.3 mph.

However, these enormous cats are unable to maintain such a punishing pace, especially when twisting and turning in the middle of a chase.

Blue wildebeests can grow up to 8 feet long, 4.5 feet tall at the shoulders, and weigh 600 pounds.

The wildebeest, or gnu, can gallop up to 50 mph.

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9. Blue Wildebeest

They need this speed because they're food for numerous African predators.

Yup, those are the world's fastest animals!

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Yet another proof of nature's incredible abilities.