The Famous Working Dog

By Josie February 17th, 2023

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Let's get acquainted:

The German Shepherd is renowned for its wolfish good looks, ferocity, loyalty, and noble demeanor.

Fast Facts

Breeding: Guard and Herding Origin: Germany Life span: 7-10 years Height: 22–26 inches Weight: 75–95 pounds


German Shepherds are gorgeous canines with distinctive square noses, bushy tails, and typically black masks.

Their typical coloration is tan/black or red/black, and their backs frequently have “saddle” and “blanket” marks.


The usual double coat of a German shepherd is robust, with a thick underlay and a water-resistant outer layer.

The average dog sheds once or twice a year, but these canines will benefit greatly from weekly grooming.


Since it is a domesticated breed, it doesn’t have a natural habitat;  it was bred to fulfill the duties of a herding dog, guard dog, and companion.

The German Shepherd has consistently ranked among the most popular dog breeds in the United States.


In 1899, Captain Max von Stephanitz was responsible for the German Shepherd’s first appearance in Germany due to his breeding efforts.

Captain von Stephanits set out to breed the ultimate herding dog.


German shepherds are huge, muscular dogs with a heightened risk of digestion disorders.

Therefore, they do well on a high-quality, fresh diet that encourages athletic activity and is devoid of artificial substances.


Coupled with their eagerness to please, this makes them the ideal working dog.

These dogs are extremely curious and thrive when they have a purpose and are given tasks to complete.

It functions as a police dog, a narcotics sniffing dog, a search and rescue dog, and a service dog.

Puppy Training

Due to their intelligence, German shepherd pups are simple to train.

However, they need a lot of your time and focus because they are so intelligent.

The very first day they are brought to their new home should be the beginning of training.

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German Shepherds are strong, protective and extremely loving if you take them through proper training.