By Josie  July 4th, 2023

The Incredible Migration of

Monarch Butterflies

The migration of Monarch Butterflies is an incredible natural phenomenon.

Thousands of butterflies travel thousands of miles.

Monarch butterflies migrate from their breeding grounds in Canada down to Mexico to escape the cold winter.


They have bright orange wings adorned with black veins and white spots, measuring 4 inches in wingspan.

By migrating to warmer regions with abundant food and suitable breeding habitats, they ensure their survival and the continuation of their species.


The first three generations of monarch butterflies have relatively short lifespans, ranging from two to six weeks.

However, the final generation, known as the “super generation,” lives for 8-9 months in order to complete the migration.

1. Egg 2. Larva (caterpillar) 3. Pupa (chrysalis) 4. Adult butterfly

Lifecycle of the Monarch Butterfly


 Monarch butterflies rely on multiple cues, such as the sun’s position and magnetic fields, for orientation and navigation during their journey.

During migration, monarch butterflies cluster together in such large numbers that they can weigh down whole branches of trees!

Cultural Signifigance

In Mexican culture, these butterflies are considered the souls of departed loved ones, returning for a visit during the Day of the Dead festivities.


Changes in climate that affect their migration patterns, and a loss of habitat due to human activity.

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