The Largest Zoo In The United States

Every region has its native animals, birds, and other living organisms. The best place to see animals from all around the world is by going to a zoo.

A significant number of different animals, birds, and even endangered animals can be seen at the largest zoo in the United States.

In this detailed story, you will get to know about the largest zoo in the United States.

Heart Of Africa

To the east and north of the zoo is the largest region of the whole zoo: Heart of Africa. The Heart of Africa was opened in 2014.

Polar Frontier

The polar frontier is the most incredible region among all regions of Columbia zoo and aquarium. It is home to many polar bears.

Tours And Behind The Scenes Experiences

There are unique behind the scene experiences at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium where you can get up close with the wildlife.

Congo Expedition

This region is home to various central African rainforest animals like hooved mammals, primates, birds, and large cats.

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