The longest Hiking Trails in the US

The United States has a vast geographic area with various beautiful natural spots to visit, and hiking is one of the oldest ways to explore the natural beauty around any area.

All the adrenaline junkies and nature lovers opt for hiking through the scenic views of nature, and are sure to love this list of the longest hiking trails in the US!

These trails can be located in local and national parks, the wilderness, and even residential areas. They can be explored on foot, using bicycles, cars, and even horses.

American Discovery Trail

This trail stretches 6800 miles from along the cost from Delaware to California. It has two routes, with the North route being shorter than the South route.

North County Trail

This trail runs 48, 00 miles along the Northeastern side of the United States. The days on this trail are mostly sunny; the highest temperature it can reach is 26°C.

Wonderland Trail

Wonderland trail is an adequate, lengthy trail for long-distance hiking. It is 93 miles long and is located at an elevation of 22,000 feet.

Appalachian Trail

This trail stretches from Georgia to Maine covering fourteen US states, covering whopping 2,180 miles.

Pacific North West Trail

The length of the North West trail is around 12, 00 miles. It is also known as America’s wildest national scenic trail because of the rugged land it crosses.

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