The Longest Trail In The United States

This one is for all my adventurous hikers out there! We know you are always looking for a new adventure or a new trail to try.

If you were a hiking enthusiast and had done walking a few times before, then going for the longest trail in the United States would be an excellent way of pumping adrenaline through your veins.

As there are many well-known trails in the United States, the longest trail is a tie between the Great Western Loop and the American discovery trail.

The American Discovery Trail

It is the longest trail in the US, starting from the Atlantic Ocean and ending at the Pacific Ocean.

American Discovery Trail Pass-Through Routes

The longest trail in the United States not only passes through mountains, forests, and small towns. Instead, it travels through several cities. 

Main Features Of American Discovery Trail

One of the many great qualities of the American Discovery Trail is that it has an old-fashioned appearance.

Great Western Loop

After the origin of the Great Western Loop in 2006, it appeared to be the most gratifying long-distance path ever discovered.


The tremendous Western Loop is a 6,875 miles long and it is considered among the more challenging routes in the US.

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