By Josie  May 30th, 2023

MOST dangerous animals

Discover New York City's 

New York is mostly associated with yellow cabs and skyscrapers - but what do you know about the city's most dangerous animals

#1 Coyotes

Coyotes are both opportunistic and adaptable predators, able to hunt various prey ranging from deer to rodents to insects.

They are also highly social animals, living and hunting in packs like their close cousins, wolves.

#2 Bats

Despite their crucial ecological contributions, bats are often misunderstood and feared, largely due to their association with diseases like rabies.

Although they generally do not show aggression towards humans, there have been instances where they have attacked pets and small animals.

#3 Red-Tailed Hawks

They are highly social and intelligent creatures with impressive problem-solving skills.

#4 Rats

Rats are also important food chain members, serving as prey for larger predators.

Their most unique feature is their ability to spray a foul-smelling liquid as a defense mechanism.

#5 Skunks

However, skunks only use this tactic as a last resort, preferring to avoid confrontation.

#6 Black Bear

Black bears are very important actors in forest ecosystems, contributing to seed dispersal and nutrient cycling.

Black bears occasionally wander into more populated regions, posing a threat to humans and pets.

While timber rattlesnakes are feared for their venomous bite, they play an essential role in ecosystem dynamics as predators and prey.

#7 Timber Rattlesnake

#8 Massasauga Rattlesnake

These snakes inhabit prairies and wetlands, feeding on small mammals and amphibians.

They sport a distinctive pattern of dark blotches and an almost brassy appearance.

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