The Most Interesting Birds in the World

This blog will take a macro perspective on 7 interesting birds which are unique to their particular continent and why you should consider going to visit them.

Birds of South America: The Toco Toucan

Toucans are renowned for their large colourful bills. Their bills reach 20 centimetres and they have the longest bill of any bird in the world in relation to their body size of 63.5 cm.

Both male and female toucans possess large, colourful bills. However, their bills exact purpose isn’t clear, though they’re believed to contribute to their in the courtship ritual and in self-defence.

Birds of North America: The Bald Eagle

Bald eagles can soar over 3,048 meters high, and their great eyesight lets them see fish up to a mile away. When they attack, they drop down at up to 100 miles an hour!

Bald Eagles have a very distinct look. The female bald eagles are slightly bigger than males. Their bodies can be three feet long, and their wingspan can be eight feet  across. That’s about the distance from the floor to the ceiling!

Birds of Europe: The Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic puffins have penguin-like colouring but they sport a colorful beak that has led some to nickname the Atlantic Puffins the “sea parrot”.

Puffins live most of their lives at sea, resting on the waves when not swimming. They are excellent swimmers and use their wings to stroke underwater with a flying motion.

Birds of Africa: The Southern Ground Hornbill

The Southern Ground Hornbill is the largest of all hornbills, and incredible to see in the wild! This bird can fly up to 18 miles an hour even with its four foot wingspan.

This bird is recognizable by its jet-black feathers, yellow eyes, and bright red throat. Their bill is black with a low casque ridge at its base. Southern Ground-Hornbill adult males have red bare facial skin while females have a patch of dark violet blue on the throat.