The Oldest Lake in the United States

There are many majestic lakes present on the premises of the United States. Each one has its history and origins. The oldest lake of them all is Clear Lake which is located in California.

A lake is a basin whose circumference is surrounded by land. The basin is filled with water. Lakes are different in make and are not connected to rivers and oceans.

Now that you have a good understanding of what a lake is. Let’s talk about the oldest lake in the United States in detail.

Clear Lake: The Oldest Lake In The United States

It covers a geographic area of sixty-eight square miles. It is the lake that goes back 2,500,000 years in history.

Recreational Activities

Free boats are available at the lake for individuals to rent and use for personal water-based activities.

Lake Baikal

This lake is twenty-five million years old and located in the area of Southern Siberia.

Lake Tanganyika

The oldness of this lake is around nine to twelve million years. This lake is located in the region of Tanzania, Burundi, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Lake Biwa

This lake is four million years old. It is located in Japan having a surface area of 258.8 sq. mi. The maximum depth of the aquatic body is 341 feet and a volume of 6.6 cu mi.

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