The Oldest Living Animal On Record

BY LINNEA  10 MAY 2023

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Let's Embark on a captivating journey into the past and uncover the incredible story of Ming

Ming was an exceptional specimen, estimated to have been born around 1499 during the Chinese Ming Dynasty.

It was found by a team of researchers in 2006 while studying the age of quahog clams.

To estimate Ming’s age, researchers counted the number of rings on its shell, similar to how you would count the rings on a tree.

The initial estimate of Ming’s age was around 405 years old, making it the oldest known animal at the time.

However, in 2013, another quahog clam was discovered off the coast of Iceland that was even older than Ming

It was estimated to be around 507 years old, making it the oldest known animal ever found.

Despite losing its record, Ming remains a fascinating and essential specimen for wildlife enthusiasts and researchers.

Sadly, Ming died shortly after being discovered due to an accidental killing by researchers while trying to determine its age.

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