The Secrets of California’s Cougars

California’s cougars, also known as mountain lions or pumas, roam the state’s vast wildernesses and hidden valleys.

Their incredible stealth and nocturnal habits make them nearly invisible to prey and humans

Investigations into the genetic composition of California’s cougars reveal a fascinating puzzle.

Despite their vast distribution across the state’s varied landscapes, these predators exhibit remarkable  genetic similarity  across populations.

This genetic homogeneity is intriguing to scientists, as it suggests a complex history of population dynamics.

including potential bottlenecks where the population size might have dramatically decreased, reducing genetic diversity.

Additionally, it raises questions about the effects of human expansion on their natural habitats and genetic exchange.

Beyond their biological significance, cougars hold a profound place in California’s cultural and mythological landscapes.

Native American tribes have long revered the cougar for its strength, agility, and spiritual significance.

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